Marketing Basics for Your Home

Marketing Basics for Your Home

published on July 15, 2018 by Judy Land

When marketing your home there are a few simple basics that will not only achieve maximum exposure and expedite a sale, but also bring you a larger pool of buyers so that you realize a maximum return.

  1. Price it "Right from the start". Have your agent provide you with a current 'Market Analysis".
  2. At the pre-listing appointment establish mutually set goals and timelines that are reasonable.
  3. Prepare the home by cleaning, de-cluttering, repairing, and painting if needed. A little paint goes a long way.
  4. Curb appeal, curb appeal. Proper mowing, edging, mulching, and shrub appeal can make it happen. Create and inviting entry (always using the front entry). Again, paint can make or break an entry. Use "Pops Of Color".
  5. Inside stage your furniture for maximum viewing of the floor plan and focal points. Don't become 'Wall Challenged".
  6. Add "Pops of Color". Maximize counter space in kitchen and baths. Show the floor in these rooms. Get rid of the throw rugs. Open the blinds and drapes.


Now you are ready for the Professional Photographer. The photos are a must..........tell the story of the home.........invite buyers them! These will be all over the internet if marketed correctly. 

When interviewing your agent, they should be familiar with area, have a sales history in the area, provide you with a comprehensive market analysis, examples of their work, and a detailed marketing plan. Remember: you can receive great service or just average service. It's your choice.

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